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About the Breed

For anyone wanting the ideal companion dog they need look no further than the Griffon Bruxellois. For he possesses the verve, energy and bravery of a large dog while his small size makes him a perfect fit for our need for something canine to share our living rooms, settees and knees with! Unusual in a toy dog, he is a "jack of all trades", equally happy to walk in rough country for miles, or to luxuriate in pampering and the comfort of an easy chair - preferably one occupied by his owner. His temperament, while affectionate and co-operative is, and should be, that of a terrier. So he offers the best of both worlds - sporty but still a dog you can tuck under your arm and enjoy as a "little" dog too.

Griffons come in two coat varieties, rough and smooth, and in three colours, red, black, and black and tan. So plenty of choice. Once hooked you will want one of each! The smooth merely needs brushed daily to remove dead hair and keep him gleaming. As well as being brushed daily the rough needs to be stripped twice a year when all the old coat except for the beard is removed. A tight new coat appears in a few weeks and he looks smart as paint. Regular care is necessary of course - worming, cutting nails and keeping ears cleaned. The roughs need their eyes kept free of hair so that their vision is not blocked. The breeder will give new owners help with all this, and of course the Club is always only a phone call or an email away when help or guidance is needed.

Griffons are very easy to train being born followers. Lead training may need some patience but is soon achieved. They are a joy to exercise as they will always come back when off the lead - a real boon. And unlike many toy breeds they are sturdy enough when adult to tackle "big dog" walks happily. The only drawback is that this exceptionally intelligent little dog can often outwit his owner!

If you are reading this you are probably already attracted to the griffon's appearance, and especially of course to his ever-fascinating head and face. His expression is unique among canines. Once you own one you are trapped. The Griffon Bruxellois is definitely a dog for life.

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